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The cost of wholesale baby clothes made in the USA.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

I've made baby t-shirts for over a dozen years and this past year my main supplier, American Apparel, finally died and I must find a way to replace the baby blanks. There are two American made baby clothing manufacturers that I know of. Royal Apparel whom I've started buying our bodysuits and toddler shirts from and Spiritex which even mills their own fabric in the USA.

The wholesale cost of an American made blank is more than twice as much as the RETAIL cost of a blank made overseas. Think about that for a minute. I am purchasing blanks wholesale that cost more than double the Gerber organic bodysuits that anyone can buy.

Then, as a manufacturer, I am expected to sell it to stores for half of what they retail for. I can no longer do wholesale if I want to retail my items for under $20 so I no longer wholesale my items because I'd have to sell my bodysuits for $24-$28 a piece to make it work and this price point isn't going to fly for a generic bodysuit with a cute print on it.

It doesn't make sense to sell baby clothes unless you can offer something truly special. So, I've decided to move into designing my own fabrics and sewing them out in my shop.

It's a crazy move but after talking to Rebecca who launched Queen Bee, I've decided it's the direction I want to move in. I got a sign from the Force or God or whatever you want to call it. I found a cover stitch machine on craigslist from a guy in Vancouver. These are quite difficult to come across used. He's going to show me how to use and care for it on Friday. At the same time I sold my embroidery machine which I've used about 3 times since I bought it for 40% of the cost of the machine I need to buy. I think it's a sign.

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