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Businesses do better when they do not affiliate themselves with a political party

Thursday, March 09, 2017

I keep getting knocked for personalizing my business. It's just me running the show here and it's incredibly hard as an artist not to let one's belief system pour over into their art. But, I wanted to clarify something that people who see my site seem to believe. I do not affiliate with any party. I look at the Democratic Party and the Republican Party and see exactly the same thing.


I have not seen very many members of either party who stand up for their constituents, whether their constituents are Catholics who abhor the thought of murdering unborn human fetuses or Evangelicals who feel they have violated their God by baking a cake for a gay couple or Vegans who abhor the thought of animals being horribly abused and then slaughtered for consumption or Millennials who would love to live on a planet with clean air, water, elephants and trees older than their parents or single moms who can't even think about the slaughtering of animals or clean air or wedding cakes for gay couples because she's just thinking about how to pay the water bill or the asshole meth addict blocking the sidewalk with his cardboard, his sleeping bag and his tarp who needs a fix or maybe an insurance plan that would cover the cost of one on one counseling and a clean bed for more than 30 days but who, for now, is screaming "JUST GO THE FUCK AROUND" at the dad who is standing there staring at him instead of pushing his plaid Maclaren stroller, that shrouds a red cheeked toddler who is wearing a thick, warm, blue and white striped fuzzy hat and grasping onto one very clean, pristine white rabbit with a floppy neck, AROUND HIS SHIT.

Our statesmen, our governors, our representatives, our senators, depending on where their $ is coming from, claim their constituents want different things but this is simply a lie.

It is politics who make us think we all want different things.  Politicians push the belief that we are either conservative or liberal. We are either for or against abortion. We are either Christians or Not Christians. We either believe climate change is caused by humans or not. We either believe in creationism or evolution. We either believe being gay or trans or bi is that person's own business or we believe it goes against our God's wishes.

The power of the people has been diluted by the thousands of polarizing non-issues. If you look at any issue, we all want basically the exact same thing. Take abortion for instance. No one wants babies to be killed. It causes most of us to feel remorse at the thought of an innocent being abused or murdered. At the same time, it is ridiculous to think of women as carriers for unborn fetuses. Women now own their own bodies. Black people now own their bodies. No government should take away a person's ownership of their own bodies. How do we make it so women do not choose to abort? How do we help women move to a point where birth control is easily available for both men and women? Where it is free so that no one gets pregnant unless they want to get pregnant? And, if they should get pregnant, how do we make it advantageous for the woman to become a carrier and actually carry that fetus until it is a baby? If we really do care about that life inside of the woman, how do we make it spectacular for her to give birth to it? Well, we first off, honor her for her choice. We raise her up in society that she would provide this unselfish gift to another human. We provide care for her body while the fetus germinates inside of her. And, we pay her for giving our society this wonderful human life. Right? That's what we would do instead of forcing her make huge sacrifices to grow a baby that while she is carrying it, not only is she deeply shamed, if she becomes its caregiver she automatically becomes a lower member of society due to the poverty she will be forced into. She is not offered any assistance beyond being demeaned for being a single mom or worse yet, a welfare mom. Is there free daycare for single moms? Nope. Do we offer her food for her table? Fresh organic produce and fresh cuts of protein? Nope. Rather we give her only access to certain foods and so little of it that there is no way to feed your children well, especially while trying to make rent, electricity etc. We ask her to work full time, provide no child care assistance and then jail her kids because they're on the streets using and/or selling drugs.

I mean, what woman in her right mind would want to grow a fetus or keep a baby in our society?!

But this issue is so polarized that looking for ways to prevent abortion without taking away a woman's right to her own body and causing extreme duress to the mother are completely ignored.

And this isn't even the issue we should be focusing on. We should be focusing on how to have a society that raises, happy, well fed, well educated and nurtured children who can take the reigns and lead us into the next century.

We all want the same things. I have many conservative friends whom I respect. I also know that focusing on wedge issues in a yay or nay framework ends any constructive conversation.

My business isn't about politics. It's about what I morally believe. I wish that Donald Trump was a president for the people. I wish that his promises were true. I really do. I would celebrate him if he really could make it so that every American had the health care they needed. I would celebrate him if he could provide living wage jobs to all those who wanted to work.

Businesses probably do better when they do not affiliate themselves with a political party. It's true. But what about small businesses who align themselves with ideals?

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