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Today is Election Day and I'm wearing white

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Isn't it odd that there has never even been a female on the ballot for President? I cannot adequately express how I feel today but what I feel runs deep.

I received this email in my inbox today and I wondered how Trump and his supporters could take all of his behaviors, reverse them upon his opponent and morph them into something so hideous as to simply become ridiculous. I know the crazies fall on both sides but this is just so far out there I had to repost.

Name: Glenn Canady
Email: glenn1964@aol.com

Comment: I saw your site today -  babywit.com

Please say a prayer right now that Donald Trump wins so all of Hillary's crimes are prosecuted!  Pray for the eyes of the people to be opened and for Hillary to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!  Pray all evil FBI and Justice department personnel are exposed!

If Hillary is elected it will be WW3 with Russia.  She's a sick twisted pedophile who has ripped off America and sold our nation to the highest bidder!  If you want to see justice done then vote Trump so he can put her in jail!  Also spread this article around everywhere and tell your friends to do the same!  Hillary must be stopped NOW!  Only the ignorant or evil will vote for this witch.

I'm giving out prizes to every single person who views and shares this important information on Hillary Clinton and her pedophile connections!

Clinton Pedophiole Scandal Exposed!

Hillary Clinton raped Cathy Obrien as a child!

Donald Trump Tells America the Truth!

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Glenn Canady

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I wanted to childishly write back "No you're the puppet. PUPPET" but I knew any response was futile.

An aunt I've never met has been posting conspiracy theories about the Clinton's that run along these same lines. Trump supporters are not just for Trump, they believe Hillary Clinton is a pure villain, a she devil. She cites Sean Hannity and FOX news as her sources. I find Trump morally repugnant but I don't see him as the devil incarnate.

I believe that because of how corporations are set up and the lack of controls in place, that they only can care about bottom lines. And, in the process of growing their coffers for their shareholders, are destroying our planet. Let's get some financial reforms in place and have the 1% pay their fair share.


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