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IRS scam phone calls

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I just got a recorded phone call from the IRS informing me that they are filing a lawsuit against me. It's their final notice. They told me to call them at 509 2283481

I had to think about that because I've received two bills from the IRS. 

One I received shortly after having called the IRS on another matter where they kindly informed me that they showed that they had not received my corporate taxes (although they had received everything else) for 2013. I did not owe them any $ that year and I immediately sent in another copy. 

Shortly after I mailed it in a second copy, I received a bill for a late fee as apparently they charge you $180 a month for every month you are late for an entire year...without letting you know they are doing this. That came to $2,160. 

I now certify everything I send to the IRS. 

Then, this month I received another bill for over 2k from the IRS saying that for 2014 they had a different amount reported on the W-2 from my corporation than what I had reported on my personal income. The last quarter of 2014 I stupidly switched to a bookkeeper who was not familiar with payroll and had decided to use Intuit to run my payroll. Intuit apparently printed the wrong amount. Still trying to sort this one out with the help of my fabulous accountant. But, it's already cost $300 in just paperwork fees

Anyway, when I got this fake phone call I thought that they were really coming after me!! 

I emailed my accountant asking what I should do and his assistant told me this was an all too common scam. 
Just so you know, the IRS will NEVER contact you via phone or email. They only send you letters. 

Anyone who is bored, please phone this number and cry irreconcilably into the phone and then talk about the gun you have in your house and how you can't go on under all the pressure and then click this link.

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