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Thin White Rope Shirt

Thursday, October 01, 2015

My boyfriend dragged me to see Slim Twig last week at Bunk Bar. There was no one there. Actually that's not true, the band members and bartenders were there and a smattering of folks.
They came on and I was blown away in the first five minutes. If you get the opportunity of seeing these guys, you should go. There were two guitarists and a bass player and a female drummer!! All excellent musicians, but you know, I just loved that bassist. 
Anyway, today's shirt is our Thin White Rope shirt because they had the same setup. Two raging guitarists and a fabulous bass player and although the drummer wasn't female, he did have long hair. 
The drawing on this shirt is by Roger Kunkle's youngest son. It's a shirt of pure awesomeness. You can get it here. For adults, just click into the adult section.

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