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Friday, October 30, 2015

I get why Lego's refuses to sell their blocks to Ai Weiwei. It's because in America, as a corporation you are not allowed to make any moves that may negatively impact your sales and I am sure supporting an artist and political dissident who brings attention to Freedom of Speech and Human Rights does not lie in their manifesto right? Except when I look at their company slogans over the years it seems that they need to append their slogans with "....as long as it has nothing to do with Politics."
I Can Build What I Want
Just Imagine
Make Your World Possible

No, no, I get it. Childhood is supposed to be free from power struggles and filled with building Ninjago kits.

It is an interesting event and one I do not intend to let pass without bringing my son's attention to Lego's refusal to sell in bulk to him. I am also excited to show him the donations pouring in from around the globe via social media #legosforweiwei and also to show him the wonderful things you can build outside of a Lego kit.

I made this special shirt here for fun. You can buy it on my site because I am only beholden to myself and so I can be political. Sort of like Donald Trump. ha ha

PS I am reminded that Dissident is a good word if social policy is wack, which it is.

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