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Kids & Guns

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

My friend took my son shopping for a birthday present and he wanted a $60 Nerf gun that looked like an Uzi. She refocused his attention on a Lego set but to me it's always seemed odd to see a giant plastic Uzi in the hands of children. I get playing cowboys and Indians, I get rubber band guns and pointing your fingers like a pistol, I even get plastic pistols but when it comes to shooting off an Uzi...isn't that weird or are we that inured to blasting something full of holes.
Anyway, she suggested that hands were meant for doing other things. So, today's shirt is one of our favorites....the idea came from Mary Brady and I drew it out.
Hands Are For High Fiving (and fist bumping)
Today, a customer stopped by to pick an exchange of this shirt up. It was printed on a black and white raglan. Of course, it slipped my mind because I've got a list a mile long and a mind like a sieve but....yeah, it looks great on the raglan.

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