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Rich White Men cite Rosa Parks as winner for our Ten Dollar Bill.

Monday, September 21, 2015

It certainly is a good thing when rich white men in suits can call up at least one woman they don't personally know to be deserving of having her face imprinted on our ten dollar bill. This must mean her name has become part of our lexicon, right?

I guess naming streets and schools after women does help with name recognition so unlike Carly Fiornia I'm all about putting images of women on all our money, our street signs, our schools, our libraries and turning every single one of them into a token that rich white men can instantly recall.

I'd pick a transgender woman like filmmaker Lana Wachowski.
I'd pick Angela Davis because she's BOOM smart and beautiful and righteous.
I'd pick Audre Lorde because lordy her words are beautiful. Toni Morrison and Ursula K Le Guin and Margaret Atwood and and and...

Here is a coloring book I helped make several years ago that has sold out but is available for a free download. Get your kids coloring Assata Shakur and Wilma Mankiller. Or buy them a t-shirt with Emma Goldman or Rosa Parks on the front.

We all learn as we go along. I just discovered that Margaret Sanger was a proponent of forced sterilization of 'lesser breeds.' She's in the coloring book. You can just add in that little line to her bio.


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