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In exactly ONE week Weed will be legalized in Oregon

Thursday, September 24, 2015

but I think we may already seeing the effects of the upcoming legalization in our restaurants.

Last week I phoned in a couple of Meatball Wizards from Brass Tacks Sandwiches. Seriously our favorite vegan sandwich. When we arrived 15 min later there were no customers and the dude behind the counter was just hanging. We asked for our sandwiches and the guy was "Oh yeah, let me make those for you." While making them, he dropped the knife and had to really think hard about what to do about that situation.

Then, on Saturday night we ordered two pizzas from Pizza Fino . One for us and one for two very hungry boys. When we arrived we were given only one vegan pizza with pepperoni on it. Who orders a vegan pizza with pepperoni on it? They remade them but it took an extra 20 minutes and the crusts on both of them were way overcooked.

I blame the weed because how else would you get through a shift where you have to make 100 sandwiches or pizzas? But we're definitely going to be checking our to go orders before leaving.

Here is my shirt to celebrate Oct. 1st. You can buy it here.
It is an exciting, historic day. I am excited to see what good things it will bring to our economy. 

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