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I Don't Want Zombie Kids

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I've been looking around for a program that would allow me to control the amount of time my child spent on media without spying on them.  I am tired of that damn phone or computer getting in the way of interaction and having a bloody fight about it every day but I don't really want them to feel as though I can view all their texts.

Today's shirt is a zombie shirt to celebrate the upcoming Halloween Day and also to celebrate finding this little gem of a free program that gives a parent oversight on their childrens' media usage.

I must admit I've been hating on Norton Anti virus ever since they started installing their software on all PC's and getting rid of their annoying subscription pop up is nearly impossible...but this program redeems Norton in my mind.

I just installed it and will follow up with a review but I'm pretty excited about Norton Parental Controls.

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