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Humpty Dumpty Concussion

Monday, September 28, 2015

A couple of weeks ago my son fell out of his brand new bed at his dad's house. It was 4 feet off the ground. At first his father thought he had just received a bruise on his chin and knee but later in the day he became unresponsive and began vomiting.

His father drove him to ER where I met up with him. The doctor ended up recommending a CAT scan for my little one. It was tough,...a year's worth of radiation poured into his developing brain cells or the risk of bleeding. We went with the CAT scan and thankfully his brain was not bleeding.

The ER doctor gave his dad the OK on screen time and my son is an addict so he spent a lot of time on the computer after the fall. His father is also a bit of a video addict. When I married him he had just finished up World Leader Pretend, a novel all about gaming.

My son continued to have headaches and when I took him back in and the doctor recommended removing screens as it stimulated the brain and the brain needed a bit of recovery time.

Best week I've had with my kids. No screen time for the rest of the week. Of course, because my son is addicted, coming off of it was hard. It required constant attention or playdates or things to do.

Normally he's a little biotch to be around if he is off of his media and not being stimulated in another way. He was so needy but by the end of the week he was entertaining himself with all sorts of things and he was a pleasant person to be around. He was reading books, playing board games, making salt crystals and um....doing chores.

Today's highlighted shirt is Humpty Dumpty. The perfect shirt for your little clumsy klutz.

The other shirt is our old skool gaming shirt: If you end up having kids with a gamer you just have to accept this as part of their personality and deal with the fall out.

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