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The moral roots of liberals and conservatives

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I recently came across this Ted Talk and had to write about it. I've run a liberal, leftist site for twelve years now. I initially launched to because I found the lack of interesting baby clothing a no brainer market entry point. I also launched it because I was heavily vested in the elections of 2004. I promoted and have continued to promote my beliefs through my business. I have often been asked, why alienate over half the country?
My intent has never been to offend or alienate my conservative brothers and sisters. I have loved and respected many a conservative, right-wing Christian. I have in fact, found myself struggling to understand their beliefs. It seems so obvious to me that they are simply wrong.

But, after seeing this Ted Talk I am beginning to readjust my lenses and am aiming for more humility in my morality. Seeing the five forces behind morality and how, in every society they split along the same lines, has given me a greater understanding of the needs that drive certain beliefs.

I found this talk invaluable and I hope others do as well.