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Running a small biz by yourself

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Want to know what it's like? I took Monday off to spend with a friend in SF for her birthday but missed my flight back home on Tuesday. I watched them close the plane door on me. The next flight out was delayed so I didn't make it home until after 5 pm. I immediately went into the office to run all the orders that had accumulated over my 3 day holiday and found that my phone line and Internet were down. There had been a huge wind storm while I was gone so even getting someone to come check it out took two days. I ended up downloading my orders using my neighbors (thank you Elaine!) very iffy wifi and then printing my shipping labels across the street at Pinkys (big thanks to Joel & John.)
Also, trying to manage a new redo of my website after consulting with a usability expert. There are school conferences this week. There are overnight orders. There are developers needing some feedback, there are meetings and of course band practice and maybe even a hook up (if I get lucky) with a very handsome and sweet fellow. There is a dye job that went bad and I am trying to save it by mottling the dusty rose with some fire red dye.
BTW, best tool that is never listed is a pair of nylons to use with the soda ash and the dye to prevent clumping. How did I do it before I started straining with nylons?
There's waiting 6 hours for the Century Link repair man who turns out to be a wonderful help. He lets me know the neighbor's trees (the slum landlord) have grown into my phone cable but he reconnected it AND cleared away the offending branches.
There's jamming with a potential new group but finding out it's actually just one beer drinking, roll my own cigs, gun toting guitarist. Kind of scary being all alone down there in my basement but his one song was excellent. No more inviting musicians from craigslist into my home without meeting them first.
BTW, this is the week without my kids. It's 5x as crazy when I'm a single mom.
Here comes Halloween.