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The Lonely Doll

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dare Wright of the children's book The Lonely Doll emailed me today letting me know that I had infringed on the copyright because I named a design of a vintage doll head "The Lonely Doll" and in the description I had said it reminded me of one of my favorite (not a light read) children's story's "The Lonely Doll."

I get copyright infringement. It's when you take someone's work and sell it as your own to make money. Like the guy at http://www.sandboxthreads.com who came to my site and directly lifted the art for my rocker baby shirt and did not change even one line.  The guy took it down after I sent a cease and desist and I was pretty pissed off. I mean I paid an artist to render it for me. I'd put advertising $ into it. And, couldn't he just draw his own version for god's sake? He has lifted tons of art work from Chris at Reckonwordwide. According to Chris, he has licensed none of it to him and is not getting a penny from him. While, for the same designs I actually pay Chris a royalty.

So I get it.

But, my vintage doll head looks nothing like the Lonely Doll from the book. Here's mine.

Here is the doll from the book:
Lonely Doll

And, I don't know. I would imagine that it would only be a bit of positive advertising for them because people reading the description would perhaps want to check out this intriguing children's book.
I think I love it because I learned to read in Germany and those Germans are all about edgy tales for children.
It is such an amazing book that it has even garnered a NY Times article about how disturbing it is.

So, pick up the book and buy my vintage doll head which has nothing to do with the Lonely Doll.