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pinterest and skimlinks

Thursday, February 09, 2012

it was discovered that pinterest had been using sort of an affiliate earning approach to their users content. so, if i post a picture of something i think is freaking amazing and you click on it and buy it from the store, pinterest makes some $. i still have to check out how skimlinks does this but it is a very interesting revenue generating model. think about when they were talking about during tv shows people would be able to click a link and buy anything they saw on the show.

is this a bad thing? hell no. i have to agree with skimlinks (http://bit.ly/yG8k10) that content sites desperately need a way to actually make money. and what a great model. nothing horrible that i can see. instead of obnoxious ads, i, the reader can find places to buy all the amazing things i am reading about. um, what is bad about that?!

their content is generated by users outside of their organization. they are not paying people to post to their site. they only make $ if readers find what has been posted about worth buying. 

the only thing i am wondering is what if pinterest is motivated by the almighty $ to give more web prominence to those items that are generating them more revenue. then, their community content site turns into more of a store of interesting things people will actually buy rather than just curious finds. this also, in itself isn't a bad thing, but i would like to know this is what i am surfing.

peel back the curtains pinterest. there is no need to hide behind them. what you are offering your readers is a good thing. not a bad thing.

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