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Group of brilliance

Friday, January 13, 2012

I signed up for this workshop with some people from the Hello Etsy conference. A group of artisans and crafters trying to make some changes to their business. We decided to continue meeting after the workshop just to touch base and be accountable to someone or something for our progress. I think we all needed the support and we were all at the same level and all makers/shakers/changers. We met at the Slow Bar and began discussing the changes we had made over the last two months and when you are sitting in front of seriously active people talking about the things that you have done it over the last 60 days you become propelled to do more, think bigger, define and follow your visions. I like this quote from Jenelle Isaacson newsletter this month, (principal for Living Room Realtors).
Psychologist Richard Wiserman studied 400 people over the course of 10 years and watched for lucky breaks or chance encounters, both good and bad. This is what he found.
"My research revealed that lucky people generate good fortune via four basic principles. They are skilled at creating and noticing chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good."
And, for me, even with the economic downturn, having to lay off my employee, having to start going into production myself, I can only see the opportunities here. There are so many. It feels good. Not bad.
We went around in a circle talking about changes and each and every one of us over the last 30-60 days had made some enormous ones. We questioned each other. We critiqued. We were not afraid to voice our true opinions. This is a good group of ACTIVE makers. I am glad to be part of it.

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