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using your child as a billboard

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

last night an acquaintance came over to do a trade. i had a photo lightbox that i never used and she has some amazing handmade glass jewelry. my daughter saw this beautiful glass leaf and i saw a spider pendant and an octopus pendant. she saw the funny kids shirt with the word ambivalent on the front and not ambivalent on the back and had to have it for her four year old boy.
ambivelant not ambivalent funny baby onesies
and a hoodie with the galaxy swirling around in silver with the words Center of the Universe.
center of the universe baby hoodie

she was searching my site for other stuff because we loved so much of her jewelry. she said i just love the one unorganized liberal but my husband would hate it because he doesn't want to use our child as a billboard.

i get that. we got criticized in 2004 in the washington observer and also on the view by the blonde woman...whatever her name is for just that.

and our retort was but how do you not use your children as a billboard every single day when you dress them in their polo shirts or batman shirts or vans slip on or nike running shoe for the tots. Unless you are a waldorf parent who blocks commercials and media from accessing your kids brains then your child is most likely parading around in or playing with something from some corporation.

my argument is why not use t-shirts with strong/political ideas on them for generating a discussion on what you believe and why you believe what you believe and then letting your child decide if they want to billboard the same idea or not. because whatever your child is inundated with enters their psyche.

and finally, it isn't easy to wear t-shirts that express one's opinions but t-shirts generate discussions, thoughts. you are publicly casting your vote for an idea or belief. you are building out a visual of yourself so others can demarcate or categorize you. in wearing a t-shirt with a strong statement you are standing up for what you believe in.

is this such a bad thing to teach your child?

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