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shooting of yankers kickstarter video

Sunday, November 20, 2011

i've been feeling kind of uninspired as of late. ok, maybe for the last two years.
and when my site flat lined through my own carelessness i jumped into an emergency resuscitation mode. it is terrifying and exciting all at the same time, watching the potential death of my only source of income. i'll keep you posted and let you know what i did seo wise to halt the falling off of traffic and hopefully build it back up to where it was before i launched the new cart.
friday, after much procrastination on my part, my attention refocused on a product i developed back in 2008. earlier in the year a good friend thought it crazy that i wasn't taking yankers to the next level. with all the positive feedback, letters and encouragement from customers and friends i began to think maybe i should dedicate some real energy to yankers. but i wasn't feeling the much needed inspiration that i needed to go there. for me inspiration or the drive is this feeling in my gut that this product/activity/business plan has everything it takes to make it to the next level.
last week before the shoot i went down into my basement to dig up my first prototypes of the design and began to recall its' history. the huge number of revisions, the patterns, 4 different pattern makers were involved. when i pulled out my first two versions i couldn't help but laugh out loud at how absolutely ridiculous they looked.
on friday a group of three women and one man gathered with their infants to participate in the video. i was nervous because although i had heard from customers how much they loved the product i had not witnessed it used by multiple people who weren't my friends.
it was overwhelming.
i got what i needed.
a huge dose of inspiration.
one woman reminded me of some of the advantages built into yankers that i had completely forgotten about like 1. a toddler can't access their own diaper and 2. checking to see the status of the diaper is easy as pie. 
yankers IS brilliant. people are wondering why this product doesn't already exist because it is so SIMPLE.
and there's the ticket. in product development simplicity is key.
a product that people wonder why this did not previously exist. the obvious products. like dropbox. i love dropbox. it's so obvious. so brilliant. so simple.
why ARE we busy parents spending our precious time buttoning and snapping countless fasteners, throwing velcro into washers to have it tear at our clothing and catching delicate skin in zippers?
i am all over yankers. it's in my heart again.

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