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Rememberance Day

Friday, November 11, 2011

today i took my children over to pioneer square and at 11:11:11 am we stood in a circle with about 25 veterans of peace. they played Taps and read a poem. there was a large peace sign made out of trillium flowers. i told my children the story of the soldiers who opted for peace over war. i also told them they could make a wish. it was a good wish day. what are you wishing for mom? well, this is the biggest wish day in about 100 years so i am going all the way with a wish for world peace. it was a nice way to make a wish.
after relaunching the site with our new store our seo dropped shockingly. down 60%. i expected it to fall off a bit until our new url structure was recognized but when it kept falling and falling over the past month i knew something was up. i've spent the last week trying to figure out what the HECK?
i am making a guess that it has something to do with the google toolbar i have installed on my computer and that maybe somehow it read that i had gone to our test site and also our old site that had been relocated under a DNS and spidered them because i stupidly did not think to put a robot.txt file in there telling google to skip over these sites...honestly i didn't think google would find them so easily. well, looking in webmaster tools i see that over 100,000 link ins are coming from these two sites weakening our search because well, all of it is duplicate content and most of it leads to our home page. OW. so now, i am just waiting for google to reindex those sites. i tried to force it by asking them to remove those two sites from their index but i guess unless the entire site is gone they don't do it?
so, rebecca and i are sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what happens before xmas. i mean this is our season. holy moly.

but, some good things came out of this research. one was that this blog that i haven't written in for over 2 years had a lot of link ins. secondly, one of our products that i totally forgot about and left off the new website had a lot of link ins as well. it is a shirt that i kind of love and kind of hate. on the front it reads ambivalent, on the back is printed not ambivalent. it is the toddler's way.
they're both back!

ambivalent not ambivalent funny baby onesies

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