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Reinvigorated about www.babywit.com

Monday, November 14, 2011

Losing one's position on google is devastating but i can't go back to my old cart. we worked so hard on the new one. it is so fabulous. so we are spending all our time doing what we did not do on the old site which is start to write keywords and meta descriptions. it is exhausting. but, in this process i am learning a lot and it is fascinating.
i did get bored with bw after the initial launch and marketing. my ambivalence began set in around the third year. i'd made the site. i got the traffic. i was going to shows. i did my own line. and after awhile i just kind of lost interest.
when i separated from my husband i stopped marketing. i stopped going to shows. i stopped going into the office regularly and started doing fun things. looking for that thing that would respark my passion.
is this what happens in long term relationships? you get bored. you want that passion back. you fear you might not find it again? then there is the very real possibility of loss. of losing that person from your life and suddenly your passion surges back in and every hour is spent trying to salvage that relationship.
that's what happened with babywit.com and I. with the thought of loss i am filled with passion once again. 
a girlfriend the other night said of life...we need to feel a little hungry, a little cold, a little bored, a little scared, a little sick to appreciate what we have.
i just added this new design today:
i hand drew it. We see these parents all over Portland. It amazes me that they do this in the pouring rain rigging up creative solutions to protect themselves from the elements.
The idea is not mine. It came from a friend of a friend. Pam was chatting with me about riding in the rain and she mentioned her friend who rode her kids around in this amazing bike caravan and had made a shirt that said one less minivan. she recently gave up on the bike train after she had another child. she now has a suburu or something. anyway, blah blah, i went home and drew out this shirt because i felt it deserved to exist.

One Less Minivan
one less minivan socially conscious baby onesies

i hope you enjoy it!

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