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Heat Presses

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I am not a mechanical person by nature but last night i spent about 30 minutes installing a new thermometer on my insta heat press. i have had this machine for SEVEN years. i have replaced the thermometer on it twice and a piece of metal that broke. i've greased it twice. That's it. It's been a fabulous workhorse for these seven years.
The first heat press i purchased was a used hix and i really liked it because it made this nice ding. I also had a mighty heat press (cheaper hix i think) for awhile. they both broke. i decided a year ago to buy another hix. for some reason i had this romantic delusion about the hix heat press. perhaps because it was my first heat press.
i spent a lot of money on this new heat press. we used it as our backup press over the year. it broke in the 11th month, a month before the warranty ended. they sent me new parts for what had broken. it required a flame torch and the soldering of a piece of silver. i borrowed a friend's flame torch who was working on my house and tried to install the new part. it didn't take. i spent over 3 hours trying to install and solder it. i called for advice. they told me i needed to get someone who had experience soldering so i asked my friend who worked on houses and did electrical to come take a look.
it took him over an hour to finish it. he griped the whole time. 'what the heck? this crap doesn't melt. i am worried about melting out everything else around it!'
then something else broke on the hix. the pressure went out. the warranty had expired. this is after a year of minimal use. it sat like that through the xmas holidays. it sat like that for a couple of months because it took so much back and forth to figure out why the press no longer had any pressure. they diagnosed it as the linkages had broken and charged me 100 bucks to send out a new one. they didn't have instructions because it wasn't a common thing they sent out. i imagine it is because linkages are nearly impossible to actually replace.
i tried to follow the instructions and get the caps holding the rods removed but this was impossible. i couldn't get the old parts off. i tried everything. tons of force, a screwdriver inserted inbetween the cap and the rod while banging the screwdriver with a mallot. i called for advice and the technical guy didn't know. he had to call someone else to find out.
i had a dude friend come in and try. he built furniture. he tried and gave up. the people at hix told me i had to find a machinist. it took me half a year to finally find one. he came and picked up the press and kept it for a week.
when i picked it up he told me that he had had a time of it. that the hix press was built so poorly that there was no way it would not break when being used and that the linkages would have to be replaced periodically but if i could catch it before a certain point the replacement would be easier. he told me never to buy another hix. that was 2 months ago.
guess what? it's broken again.

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