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google product feeds and homelessness

Friday, November 18, 2011

after much back and forth with google and a request for exemption for the new required color and size fields and a rejection of request i decided to submit a product feed of our customized products that is based on the blank garment, one blank garment in each size variant, the same color with the decal listed as the pattern. this means i will be 303 x 7 products x 3 sizes just in infant/toddler/kids. and this is with just one color...that is one big spreadsheet.

i am not getting the color requirement because they don't specify color assignments as they do categories and with all the billions of possible colors a manufacturer comes up with i don't see how the color field is going to be of any use in their taxonomy. i get the sizing but color? and it isn't just the main color they are asking for, it's the primary color/secondary color/third/fourth etc. there has to be some logic to this requirement but i'm not seeing it. someone explain how the color field is useful without them dictating the naming. Black, blue, green, purple, red, orange, silver, grey, yellow, white or something like that.

i'm sure this is just fascinating. last night i had my friend yawning with my talk of spreadsheets.

this is before i whispered to him what i really thought of the big bowl of kale salad sitting on the table at the thanksgetting.

i don't really want to take any of it home because i didn't really dig it.
why not, what did you think of it rosalee?
well the dressing left an aftertaste of (whispering into his ear) stale socks in my mouth.
oh really?
yes. it was kind of gross.
well i made that salad.

i invited a homeless man to stay in my house while my children are with their father. he is the ex-husband of a friend. i was sitting on her couch when he showed up on her doorstep, angry, cold, out of gas, wet and desperate. it was not pleasant.
she had never seen him like that. she was terrified that he would lose it and no longer be able to be a father to their daughter.  i did not want to offer up my home. i am not generous like that. she explained he had recently gone through his second divorce, gotten into drugs for a month and through a series of unfortunate events LOST EVERYTHING.
this was an incredibly talented man who, when he was working would turn down gigs paying him more than most folks make in a month.
homeless. no gas money. had slept in his unregistered car the last few days. all resources gone.
"rosalee, he's trying so hard and this crap just keeps happening to him."
i told her that he could stay in my house until my kids returned.
no skin off my back and perhaps it would put a stop to the downward spiral. my only request was that there be no drama, no chaos to follow from my offer.

well, you can't offer up to someone who is homeless your home as shelter and not expect some chaos/drama to ensue. this is a person who has used up every single last resource and every minute of the day is spent trying to stave off the streets, keep out of the rain, tucked away from the cold.

he complimented me on my pesto.
it's kale rather than basil.

he is the creative artist type who can't function very well within laid out societal norms. if their talent is recognized perhaps they can build up a career of some sort. but it is precarious. always tilting and tottering on the edge. and it can all disappear within a month or two. their house in the clinton district, their devoted clients, their wives, their equipment, portfolios, childhood photos and then their car.

my insurance has lapsed and there are repo men are outside trying to get my car. they are after me. four different vehicles with darkened windows. can you bring me my things. meet me at this cafe? i can't lose my car. it is the only thing i have left.

yes, yes no problem.

i bag up doc martins, black plastic framed glasses, socks, expensive designer clothing. his shirts are hanging up. his shoes neatly lined up. a tea cup is sitting on my daughter's desk.

as all our resources continue to dry up, more slowly than his, perhaps it takes a year or two, we are all feeling closer to the street. we spend less of our dollar which in turn effects small businesses such as mine who cannot offer Walmart prices. i as a wholesaler buy less. manufacturers produce less, spend less. we are all spending less and less as our resources shrink, becoming thinner and thinner.

it is a tense time. i marched occupy portland. i want it to change. i want my children to have health care and a good education. to keep my house and my business. to continue to employee a single mom who has been with me for over five years.

it ain't all that much. really.

ok enough, i am off to make my kickstarter video for yankers with billy wild.

the focus is to ask for enough $ to go into a real production environment with my product. in 2006 i could have done this without asking for $. today, it will be the only way i can push this line out. crossing my fingers for social media to do it's magic.

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