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The Entrepreneurial Generation

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

 an acquaintance just sent me this article and i found myself wondering why he fails to talk about the other drivers that makes one do one's own thing. the diy movement itself is a protest against big corporations, over consumption, waste and our throw away culture. it is a generation trying to find a way to push back up against mass media's brainwashing and corporate dictatorship of our culture and is also perhaps a path to self sufficiency with less dependence on the big. it is a backlash against our current mode of over consumption and is most certainly a movement (with more and more mainstream participation e.g. occupy).
his lack of acknowledgement of it and failure to even mention these drivers is odd. i mean, beyond the organics and dyi small biz climate it is a huge amount of protest/fight/anger/sadness against a culture that does not value the products it creates and in fact works to create disposable throw away goods at huge costs to our society.
but yes these folks tend to be nice about it and perhaps it does have to do a bit with the fact that it is a business they are cultivating. it is the dawning or birth of the small business that WANTS to stay the small business. it is an age that celebrates the small business.
Here is a new shirt i added today. a friend suggested this verbiage as a sign. i took his slogan and made it into a tee. i think it accurately defines the participants in the occupy movement and it is not a bad thing.
one unorganized liberal

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