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broken presses, broken dreams

Monday, November 28, 2011

just kidding. well both our presses are broken but our dreams are not. rebecca is working slowly on all our black friday orders with barely functioning presses. again, don't buy a hix heat press. 2k invested and it didn't even last a year.
got my period yesterday. not that anyone wants to know this sort of thing but it went towards explaining A LOT. because you see, when i pms everything sort of breaks down. i was debriefing rebecca on my thanksgiving and she said 'it's giving me anxiety just listening to it.'
met with monica drake today to discuss a new project i am working on with dana hush. sort of a community building project we've been hashing out and monica said she'd absolutely help with a panel. she also told me about this phenomenal running art project she has running. basically, she goes around at large gatherings and asks people to complete a sentence. then she creates a word cloud and an art piece from each event. so, from an occupy rally the larger words are much different than shoppers at walmart going after a $2 waffle maker. i think it an amazing sociological investigation so if you find me coming up to you at a gathering and ask you to complete a sentence it's to add to monica's database of word clouds.
we are also going to make a series of shirts for little ones called sad sally with bubbles filled with expressions of what we as adults WISH our children were really saying. more to follow soon.
i have gotten to know Amanda Meyer and Paul Zenk at Infinity Tattoo and they are a lovely couple. very much fun. their art is amazing so we are going back and forth on creating a series of tattoo shirts for kids.
also, i have been advised by seo masters on blogging and i need to include some keywords in my text regarding toddler clothes. so here it is. toddler clothes. and also new mom gifts. we have amazing new mom gifts. i mean what mom would not be thrilled to receive the "he thinks he's my daddy shirt" at her baby shower. Come on!

here is my product review of the day. over thanksgiving i was losing my mind because apparently i was PMSing, the newsletter program wasn't working for black friday and the kids were fighting fighting fighting. so i had ava and atticus give maia her gift. she opened it and they played together peacefully for TWO solid hours. they were in heaven. Two 4 year olds and one 8 year old put together half of the animals from this fantastic collection. It's definitely a keepsake piece. the card stock is quite heavy and the patterns beautiful. i give this set an A+++. What i like best is that all the pieces can be organized by animal in their own envelopes so they don't get lost in the mix.
magical menagerie

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