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Read kids books before you read them to your child

Saturday, March 14, 2009

An obvious thing I know but with being so busy sometimes I just don't do it. I trust that the books that are put on display in my local library in the children's section have been read by the librarian, otherwise, why highlight them. I am in the middle room picking up an assortment of animals, crayons, dolls clothing, blocks, paper, stickers, coloring books, videos, more books, clothing....and am listening to my husband read my daughter this book. So, this Genie saves this King but makes him do all these foolish things in order to get rid of some awful spell or something and the King is pretty embarrassed and decides to kill the Genie even though the Genie saved his life. I am drifting in and out of the story. Then I hear, the soldier gets mad at the dog his best friend because the dog bit the horse he was riding while he was trying to shoot a deer. His horse broke his leg and he was so pissed that he was unable to catch that deer that he shot his dog. He then started to run after the deer and began wading through some water and realized that the water was cursed. As he began to turn to stone he realized that his best friend the dog had only been trying to save his life. This was the last thought he had before he was petrified. About 10 minutes later Ava came out of her room weeping inconsolably about the dog who had been shot and had only been trying to save the man. About the man who had realized he had shot his best friend who had been trying to save him and had died as well. About the horse who had a broken leg.
I will read the book before I read it a loud to my daughter.