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Extremism defines the US...my rant

Monday, January 05, 2009

It is everywhere. Good vs Evil. Either you are on the good side or the bad side. Stories, books, movies. If you are evil you are quite evil. So evil you deserve to die and the good are good because they take out the evil. It is a necessity. This is what we are teaching our children. This is what my daughter is learning. So, I have taken to telling her stories where the grossly evil are actually not so bad, in fact can turn out to be your best friend if given the opportunity.
Our politics are a shining example and on the polar ends of both camps sit very frightening closed minded people. People who judge others. People who write in to websites they take offense to only to offend back, to kill, to take down...all the while feeling justified somehow. People who write into sites that sell baby clothing to rant on and on.
Today I see it in our laws. Ever since I started babywit I have been begging for phthalate free goods. I have requested from all my vendors. In my own shop I use what is supposed to be (as much as possible) free of things like lead and phthalates. Overseas for quite awhile it has been illegal to make children's goods with these poisons in them. The US lagged far, far behind in any sort of legislation to protect our children. Finally, after a few deaths, a few scares they come up with an act. An act so extreme that it will dismember the entire sector of manufacturers that make children's goods. Handmade toys, locally sewn clothing and on and on. What is it with the US? All I see happening is for phthalates to be removed from products and then a huge plastic makin' companies to come along with something equally horrible ....I mean it is plastic afterall....that does just as much harm to our environment and our children...am I just a downer or what?
I am all for testing but sound testing that makes sense and doesn't wipe out an entire sector from existence... one sector that is actually using or trying to use materials that leave a lighter footprint on our earth.
That was my ten minute rant and sorry it doesn't make much sense at all. Lots of coffee and irritation.

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