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CPSIA law takes effect Feb. 10th. Retailers take inventory of all your current stock!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Got this information directly from the horse's mouth, Nychelle Fleming, spokesperson for the CPSC. As a retailer and reseller of new children products everything you have in stock before Feb. 10th 2009 does not need to have certification or be tested for lead. This is also true for resellers of used children products. What we do need to do as resellers is to make sure that we don't accidently resell products that contain lead. This means carefully screening all your instock products for metal and paints. Things like cribs, jewelry for kids, snaps, zippers etc should be verified because if you do inadvertendly sell something with lead and you get caught the fine is heafty.
You can rent a scanner that tests for lead if you have a ton of products you are concerned about.
Or you can just throw away those items. But, things like cotton t-shirts or books you can continue to resell and there is no deadline for getting these products off your shelves.
Resellers are responsible for making sure the products they put on their shelves after Feb. 10th do have certification so keep your records.
Manufacturers have to test and certify anything they sell after Feb. 10th. They must test all products for lead and toys, sleepwear, childcare items (bedding, bibs, burp cloths) for lead and phthalates.

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