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Love Sees No Gender Baby T-shirt and Ovary Dose Skirt

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We are sitting at our desks thinking about what we really want to say on this subject. All of us believe very strongly that gays be allowed to marry the same as everyone else. Why not? What harm does it do to have couples who really and truly love each other get married? To express our opinions Rebecca came up with the Love Sees No Gender line. This says it all. Love is color, gender, height, weight, handicapped blind. Love is blind. We added in a couple of cocks as an image because it needed a bit of wit thrown in Baby Wit style. So, our new controversial baby shirt is a pro gay marriage baby shirt. We hope it does well.
Then we have this hot pink interlock skirt that I need to print on so we decided to stick an extra pair of ovaries on it. We felt it necessary because in the past we have received inquiries from the opposite sex on how this all works. Things like, does your pee and poo come out of the same hole? We thought a physical representation of what is a happening down there might help.
Finally, our gargoyle jacket is so freaking cool. My daughter wears hers everyday and loves her little toddler zip up hoodie.

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