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Baby Clothes with Political Messaging

Thursday, November 27, 2008

We keep receiving these emails from folks with opposing view points from ours. Messages like "I was going to buy that David Bowie onesie from your site but now that I see you support (insert upsetting baby shirt here...ie Obama, gay people) I am taking my business elsewhere and never coming back. Or the folk who write "I am really upset that you don't sell right wing shirts. You should respect ALL your customers and offer both sides. That is no way to run a good business and I am shopping elsewhere."
Good God. On our front page I say LIBERAL LEFT WINGERS PROGRESSIVE etc. When you go to an Italian restaurant are you pissed off when they don't have Chinese on the menu? I think the Chinese in Oakland really figured out that people who buy Chinese food expect to also see hot dogs and donuts on the menu. Tons of shops that cater to both. But I do not. Why? Because I am not out there to just make a buck. This entire site is part of a message. Part of something I am saying. Or trying to say. I am not perfect so neither is my message. But, this is a small business. I have two full time employees and one part time. We work out of a garage. We are passionate about what we do. We love making shirts that reflect current policy. We love babies (we are all women.) We also could not imagine selling any product that does not reflect our personal beliefs. We are not some cold corporate mega mall selling store with generic clothing. We personally design all our pieces. We talk, bleed, love and sweat over what we make. Why the hell would we sell a McCain shirt or a shirt bashing gay marriage if we absolutely think these things are wrong? There are so many sites out there that sell this sort of thing. If you read our front page, we don't cater to the allmighty dollar.
I mean if we are going to dress our children in clothing we purchase we want to make clothing we would want to purchase.

Love Sees No Gender Baby T-shirt and Ovary Dose Skirt

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We are sitting at our desks thinking about what we really want to say on this subject. All of us believe very strongly that gays be allowed to marry the same as everyone else. Why not? What harm does it do to have couples who really and truly love each other get married? To express our opinions Rebecca came up with the Love Sees No Gender line. This says it all. Love is color, gender, height, weight, handicapped blind. Love is blind. We added in a couple of cocks as an image because it needed a bit of wit thrown in Baby Wit style. So, our new controversial baby shirt is a pro gay marriage baby shirt. We hope it does well.
Then we have this hot pink interlock skirt that I need to print on so we decided to stick an extra pair of ovaries on it. We felt it necessary because in the past we have received inquiries from the opposite sex on how this all works. Things like, does your pee and poo come out of the same hole? We thought a physical representation of what is a happening down there might help.
Finally, our gargoyle jacket is so freaking cool. My daughter wears hers everyday and loves her little toddler zip up hoodie.

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New Organic Baby Dress, Toddler Dress, Kids Dress

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our new hoodie dress is truly beautiful. It was so hard to make. I started this pattern over a year ago and finally it is done. I used that heavy 100% organic cotton interlock fabric, put in a drop waist so you can see that cute little toddler belly and cinched it up on the sides a little. I added in a huge cloak hoodie inspired by the little red riding hood cloak and also knowing that my daughter is nice and warm under her helmet whenever she is on a bike or in the bucket of the amazing Madsen bike. We underpriced it for how much we paid to sew it out but I just want people to put this on their daughters. It is great as a dress with some stockings. This dress comes in size 18 to 24 months for babies and sizes 2T,3T,4T,5T,6T for toddlers and 8 and 10 for the bigger girls. We love this dress although if your daughter has a big head you might have to stretch the cotton a bit.

The Cost of Making Cool Baby Clothes in the US

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I have decided to start talking about the process of making cool baby clothes in the United States because I keep getting these emails asking how in the heck I can charge so much $ for a one piece. I am forced into this long monologue of defensive explanations. Simply put, when I lay out the costs to someone for all that we make it becomes obvious why we have to charge more than $12 for a tee shirt.
To cut and sew a simply tee here in the US (not counting fabric costs) is between $4 and $5. If I purchase my blanks from American Apparel we are looking at $4 to $5 a pop for a one piece. That's not organic. Tack on another buck for that. Then, we hand-dye our pieces. We also hand-screen everything. That means that we are right there placing each screen on your shirt and dragging ink across your shirt. Then, the big thing is, we have to do wholesale in order to actually stay in business. This means that we have to sell our shirts wholesale at HALF the cost of whatever we sell it to you for. The stores buying our baby shirts won't really take anything else. You can try lower % but they won't buy unless your stuff is just so original that it can't be found elsewhere. So, in order to sell our shirts that cost us around $8 to make, we have to sell the wholesale for $12 and that will cost you $24. We are making $4 a shirt which isn't even viable. We have to make at least double our costs to remain in business. This means we should charge $16 and you pay $32 for a baby one piece. WOW.
For cutting and sewing in the United States for the organic fabric we are looking at around $7 to $8 a yard. To produce an original pattern and grade it out you are looking at a $500 investment. For our princess twirly dress we use around 2 yards of fabric. To cut and sew that piece cost $8. $32 is what it costs us to make a size 6T. Double that for wholesale and you are looking at the store charging $128 and who in the heck would buy that dress for $128. To be competitive it should be priced at around $42. So, we took it out of wholesale, lowered our price as much as we could and are offering it drop ship. We are still not making the margins we should make to consider it a viable product.
So, if you are wondering about our pricing, trust us when we say we put a lot of thought behind it and aren't at all trying to rip you off by asking you to pay more than a China made shirt. I haven't even told you all about the huge efforts to find patternmakers, cutters and sewers and quality control issues in the US. You wouldn't believe the time lag of doing it here vs overseas. Next post I will tell you all about that one!