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Bubble & Paris

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Bubble show was wonderful. I would so recommend it over the ENK show. Sold more and everyone was so nice. The feel of the show was just great. I usually hate these shows but I did enjoy hanging at that one.
The Yankers went over very well. So well in fact that the woman in the booth next to me started asking if we had patented the idea and claimed that she had just sewn out a piece quite like ours. Then she proceeded to really examine my sample. Peeps were going on about them. So, I have decided to refocus on these a little more.
I have been busy downstairs screen printing and just found out from Wilflex that apparently I have the ONLY gallon container of Aquaplas...the base for a new water-based ink that you can print on darks. I feel quite special. Am printing our polar bear design with it today.
We did a home exchange and went to Paris for 3 weeks. It was amazing. Although it wasn't that culturally different as it wasn't a 3rd world country...there were certain differences that I admittedly enjoyed seeing. They dress a lot better than people in PDX. Tons of guys in suits on Vespas. So cute. Everyone was still smoking. There were no highchairs. There are parks every block and they are so well manicured we imagine that everyone must have gardening duties in Paris. Also, talk about conservation efforts. Recycling everywhere. All the cars were super tiny smart cars. Efficient household appliances and everyone walked...therefore we did not see any overweight people. Coupled with tinier portions of food at each meal and perhaps that each meal costs around $20 to $50 a person....well Jim lost 10 lbs!