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Off we go to the Bubble Tradeshow

Friday, August 01, 2008

Tomorrow we leave to NYC. Our first tradeshow where I am showing my own inventions. I am of course, terrified. I am actually used to doing horribly at shows. At Magic I think I came away with 3 orders and one of them canceled. At ENK, basically the same thing but it was ok because we got some stores after the shows. I was ok with the rejection and the walk bys because putting transfers of funny sayings and other peeps artwork on American Apparel shirts. But, the Light and Gravity/Yankers line IS my heart. My designs. Two years of hard, hard work. And, if it does poorly, well, I have decided that this will be a sign that this is not what I am supposed to be doing. So, this is a big show for me personally.
On the other hand, what if it does well? I will have to continue to move forward with new and innovative products. I will have to keep on working. This obviously isn't the worst case scenario. :)
Pray for me to the deities...

But we will have such fun in NYC. Julie Glanville is flying out! Our old production manager Kristin Dockter is flying out! My sister Karen will be in town! Ava's old nanny Berlin will be in town! Suzy from focoloco will be in town! Rebecca will be coming along to run the show. I can't imagine a more glorious assortment of people.

Click here to view our Spring 2009 catalog. Don't hesitate to be amazed. :)

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