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Large format printing

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I have learned so much from this one woman at this screenprinting shop. She can't even believe that I was at all able to get even one good print. First of all the mesh count was way way to tight (355) for water-based inks and the image was too close to the edges and the blankets were already sewn together. Huge mess.
When working with our first screen printer she really dug the detailed mesh. Now I am quickly discovering why you might want to use a 195. Also learned that you want a mono filament screen.
Our screenprinter threw up his arms and quit because he couldn't deal with the smell of our discharge system. Augh.
So looking for someone who maybe doesn't work out of their home and has ventilation.
I have gone to only 2 sessions with a Rolfer and I am blown away with the results. In only two weeks my posture is significantly better. She also told me that my pregnancy had moved my hips out of place and my sacrum was off. Already a lot of the pain in my legs and back has lessened. Her name is Carola DiLorenzo of BodyWave if you are in PDX and interested.
I just read 1-2-3 Magic Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 and am thrilled. I have read so many books on methods of disciplining your children and as my husband commented, they all land on our book shelf. I am excited about this one because it is already pretty much what we do (counting/time outs) but gives clear instructions on how to do it effectively. Also gives various examples of what to do when things go wrong. The main thing is it is so easy that when you are under stress you can remember exactly what to do.
I am now trying to convince my husband to read it so we can get together on our discipline.
Will let you know more laters.

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