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It all finally comes together...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jim and I decide to throw our one year old a festive party with lots of kids running around in the backyard and grownups just sitting around chatting. I am of course stressed out about the shoot on Tuesday and am frantically printing out big foot and the new insect box in the basement. My allergies kick in like nobody's business. I mean my nasal drip is more like a slow steady leak and I am trying to manage it and somehow manage to get ink on my hands, then on my face while trying to stop the drip so I reach for a wet towel and dab the ink off my face. My allergies just worsen and I have take two allegra and I reach for the over the counter meds. Then, my face starts burning. I feel like I want to rip my freakin' face off. My son's party starts in two hours. I still haven't made it to see my seamstress for a sample I need for the shoot. I stop at Burgerville for something to eat. My face is burning and when I step out into the sun it feels like nails on my face. AUGH I AM MELTING.
Let me tell you that getting through that party was difficult. I just wanted to lie down and die. Fortunately because of all those meds I was flying after two beers and a baby food jar of red wine. Things got much better. I was able to enjoy seeing Atticus eat his first chocolate cake.
Then everyone just hung out on the green grass and watched the kids run around the backyard. It was so wonderful! Seeing everyone. Not having snot run down my nose anymore. My face was still burning but it finally occurred to me that when I wiped my face with that wet rag...that the wet rag might have contained some discharge ink. AH HA. I wiped ammonia all over my face.
Tonight was amazing. Amy McMullen showed up with with camera in hand and she started shooting my kids, Pandora (baby girl model extraordinare), Aiden and Amity, Ava & Atticus and her son Aiden. We did it in Bitty's backyard and for the first time I was blown away with what I had created. It all just fit and looked so fantastic that I couldn't even believe that I was the designer. I am serious! It was the most amazing feeling in the world. To see children look so good in things you have created. I have never felt that way before. It is really, really addictive. Heh. The crowning moment for me was when Aiden started to have a fit when he had to take off the leisure suit. He asked me if he could wear it home! And, the other Aiden was so digging the Big Foot shirt he asked me if he could have it. And, Amity and Ava were both dying to twirl in the twirly dress. And, Pandora's mom was just like loving the Yanker dress. Finally, after all this hard work I feel like I achieved what I set out to even though I haven't made a dime yet. It was such a great night! I am dancing around!

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