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A month and a half without a post! What is up?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I have been running on empty trying to get this new line ready for NY. Rebecca and I (& hopefully Kristin) are flying out to NYC to have a PARTY and to launch Light & Gravity. I have been working with folks in the US and it has been so difficult. More on that later.
I am getting close but this large format printing is a lot harder than I thought. I am trying to print with water-based inks but haven't invested in a conveyor dryer yet so you can imaging how hellish it is to print using some ink that you have to mix some goop into to get it to air dry. The ink becomes so thick that it prints unevenly and is a bitch to pull across a 36 inch screen. I lay waste to 22 baby blankets. Look for some specials on these hand-printed gems on the website soon. It is a truly magnificent print. Giant oak tree and birds on organic cotton.
Also, did you know that if you install CS3 on one computer you can't install it on another. I have a desktop and a laptop and I can only use it on like one?!
Started taking a Technical Fashion Illustration class at PCC so I could use illustrator to draw out my designs.
Everyone is doing obama shirts. It is crazy. So we had to come up with the craziest. Obama Rama and WWOD? are so great. They make me laugh everytime I see them.
I am working on a Rosa Parks shirt. Should be ready in a week.
How do we come up with shirt ideas? Well, we sit around and talk about crazy stuff. Someone will say....do you know about the bees? How all the hives are dying? How all the bees are dying. How nothing is getting pollinated? Then, we will sit around and think hey, we should have a shirt about this so other folks can know what is what. This is a big deal, you know?
We basically riff off of each other. Sara, our marketing writer, came up with WWOD? and Rebecca said you should stick his head on Jesus' body and then I took some pics, fooled around and tadah.
Anyways, enough about work.
Here is the latest development. In PDX the schools are on a lottery system which means you can potentially get into any school. You just put your name into the lottery for that school. There are public and charter schools. We put Ava's name into MLC, Emerson, Buckman, Sunnyside, Trillium and Portland Village School. We were wait-listed on all of them or didn't even get in. Portland Village School called and admitted Ava and I was good with that. There are many aspects to Waldorf that I like. The no media. The focus on nature. The nurturing of our little ones, the story telling plus they don't force children to learn by memorization. Jim was not so thrilled. He was tired of the cult like nature of the school. He preferred Vernon, our neighborhood school. So we enrolled her in both to see what teachers she landed. Well, last week we got a call from Trillium that we were in. I was not so hot on it. I didn't find the classrooms warm and nurturing and just didn't get the warm and fuzzy from the building. Also, I have a problem with K through 12. Don't like that much age mixing.
But, after talking to tons of folks I am changing my tune.
More on what we decide when we decide. I am hoping she lands in Emerson...

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