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Large Format Printing

Friday, May 16, 2008

So, the folks across the street were kind enough to burn our giant screen for us and we got it back into the shop, put a couple of clamps on our wood table, rolled out some fabric and printed the giant tree. It is so beautiful although a couple of problems we are going to have to work around include the fabric bunching up because it is such a large print. Think if I put palette tape on the table it should be ok. It took a lot of ink and actually my smaller squeegee worked a lot better than the 32" one.
Bummer that we already sewed out our blankets because the fabric is a triple layer (we went all out on this one) and makes it difficult to check it before being done. Once I lift the screen it is done. Also, the screen is so big you definitely need two folks printing it. But, it is something I always wanted to do and it wasn't as insurmountable as I imagined.
Hot today. Just did the MAJOR miva update to my store and that was/is scary because I have about a gazillion modules and half of them needed updating and the other half may need updating but I might not discover this for awhile. Augh.
Busiest weekend of my life and Atticus is not feeling so hot. All congested and fever and 4 teeth coming in. The Alberta Street Fair during the day and Saturday night is Cathy's birthday prom party which should be a hoot if I can find a baby sitter, then Sunday morning brite and early is the POW festival, then Sunday night I am taking Jim out for his birthday. I wanted to take this class on Saturday as well but that is probably pushing it...talks about how to do knockoffs. Desperately needed but Jim said I had to decide between the class and POW festival and it is his birthday and all.

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