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What happens to you when you never reach an REM sleep?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

So, every night for 8 months now I am awoken at midnight, 2 am, 4 am by my son for milk. I am also awoken by my daughter once every night between 3 and 5 am for a nightmare. Every night she has one. And, because I am so tired I crash every night around 9 pm so when I am awoken in the AM I have difficulty falling back asleep.
Anyway, I have started to notice the fallout.
I forget everything. I have to come back to the house at least 3 times and then I still forget things.
I can't speak correctly. I had to read some article aloud to some folks and I kept saying
philosophical as fill au sophy instead of fill e sof i cal. I took philosophy classes in college and yes, I do know how to say philosophical.
I printed 36 pieces upside down without noticing.
I have a very short temper.
I feel like shit.
My husband suggested we go to Amsterdam and I said well, I really want to go to the Netherlands. He just looked at me. I went to Kindergarten in Holland so I do know this.
When people talk to me I can't really understand them and have to ask them to repeat what they are saying. We were eating out and the waitress kept asking me if I was still eating and I kept saying yes thinking she was asking me if I was done.
I feel like shit.
I tell the same stories over and over again.
I have difficulty parsing dreams from reality. Seriously!

So, we are going to sleep train. I am just so not looking forward to it.

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Reclaimed Clothing

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

So this woman named Leslie emailed me some samples of her work and it was all printed on recycled clothing and I started thinking what could possibly be more sustainable than recycled clothing so well, I headed on down to the local thriftstore and picked up a ton of striped shirts and am going to print on them and see how the line does.
Kindergarten hunting for Ava is such a pain because everything is done on lottery so we have no clue where she will be going except that if she doesn't get into the school of her choice she will go to her neighborhood school which is not so bad, just has a traditional education.
Russia, Ava's pet snail died last week. It was so sad. I came home and Ava was weeping hysterically. I of course, made a snail shirt that will be on the site soon. It is rad.
OBama is kicking Hillary's ass on our site and if that is any indication of the direction for today I have all my $ on Obama.