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Light and Gravity Organic Line

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Finally getting it off the ground but I am told that people who care about organics want stuff to LOOK organic. Kind of the same way people plaster the biodiesel sticker on the back of their SUV. Just to let other folks know that they are not destroying the earth. I understand that. I really do. I would stick that sticker on the back of my big ole truck too, especially here in PDX where glares of hate are passed your way as you dinker around in your Suburban.
But, here is the thing. The reason I am not so into L&G looking organic is because I want people who don't give two cents about organics to wear it. I want everyone to wear sustainable clothing. I think every newly made garment made should be sustainable. With all the over production of clothing, the season changes, etc....all the new stuff should be sustainable. Period. So, this was pretty much the vision behind this line. I never intended for it to look eco-friendly because frankly that stuff is pretty damn dull. And, at the same time I wanted to educate everyone about sustainable clothing, make it a norm, make it fashionable. Make it the norm. You know what I am saying? So, when I get comments like maybe your line would do better with the folks who buy organics if you made it look organic I think yes, that is true but maybe eventually people who would never consider wearing organics will start noticing. Am I crazy? I guess we will find out after I launch this to the stores.

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