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Thursday, December 06, 2007


Today I chatted with Dana from babystar. She is one of those warm folks that sends waves of inspiration through you. She is doing all her stuff overseas in China at a factory that has the highest certification for human welfare and sustainable production. I am looking at her stuff and hearing how easy it is and I think about how very difficult the process here has been and I just want to make all my stuff at this factory. I mean, I AM half Chinese. And Dana saw the snap less one piece I developed and we talked about partnering and it was just so exciting. So thrilling. My cradle to cradle product would get more people using it because she would use her chain of distribution and I would get to work with this wonderful lady.
Then, I go home and I watch this video and I can't do it. I want to do it. It would be so much easier. Everyone else does it but I can't do it. And, I hate that I am a store selling stuff to consumers.

BTW, when I read that article by MSNBC I wasn't thrilled as I sounded like I was proposing people should go out and buy stuff to be cool. I believe (and stated to the reporter) the opposite. I think the hippest people get their stuff used from friends or from thriftstores and that the coolest people (like Jennifer from Dishy Duds) make their clothing from remnants.

Alright, 2 am. I need to go back to bed.

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