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Craft Fair for Shining Star

Monday, December 03, 2007

Well, I felt pretty stupid cause I asked earlier in the year why Shining Star didn't have a craft fair to earn funds for the school as there seemed to be so many crafty parents around and then this weekend found out that they do this annually. It was pretty fun. 4 rooms packed with Waldorf inspired arts. I do have to say that I was DRIVEN to felt. I have never seen so many felted projects in one building. OMG. So, of course, I went home and searched on the internet, found a great tutorial, went to close knit on Alberta and bought some wool and felting needles and went at a pair of felted slippers I purchased at the craft fair. I asked Ava what she wanted on it and started poking. It was a blast because the medium is so absolutely forgiving. I can see why people get addicted to it. I am already planning out a felted carpet.
The fair was fun although a bit strange because everything was very much the same. Lots of fairies. I like fairies but there were a lot of them.

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