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Children are so delightful

Friday, November 30, 2007

I thought I would regret it but the truth is I love that I had a second child. It does make your family feel whole. It is worth going through the lack of sleep, loss of freedom, the endless babbling. Ava told me she wanted to hurt Atticus because he was sooo cute. I asked her how she wanted to hurt him and she said "I just want to grab his little cheeks and squeeze them and rub his head and pick him up and squeeeeeeze him."All these peeps are coming out with such cool baby clothes. I am so excited to be in this industry because who better to dress in organic, toxic free clothing. There is a real push for screen printing inks that have no pvc or phthalates in them. Right now there is an ink we are testing but it is like 100 times as expensive. The printing industry here in the US is so assed-backwards and behind. Seriously. Overseas there is availability and R&D $ put behind this but here you can't find anyone using good inks. The only thing to do right now is use waterbased inks but they don't print so well on dark and they don't have one for making transfers...yet. But David from Circles & Squares contacted me and made me realize that other folks do want this as well.

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