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Buttons, Zippers, Snaps

Friday, November 23, 2007

These notions seemed like minor decisions but I have come to find that they play a huge role in clothing. We selected some binding last year from Cutting Edge to finish off our dresses with. Cutting Edge produces binding for clothing. It leaked in the wash. We found this out after we had already sewn out our dresses. Now I am faced with buying snaps for our onesies, zippers for our baby clothes and buttons for our dresses and suits. I want to do wood and shell. Anyway, notions play a larger part in my pieces than I initially thought they would.
Sleep...can I tell you that one good night of sleep (albeit interrupted sleep) immediately brought about feelings of good will in me. Not just the holidays, I swear. I just didn't feel like a walking bitch fest. I woke up, hugged my dog, my children, my husband and felt, well human.
Atticus is still not sleeping through the night and I know at 4 months he is supposed to. I wonder what I am doing wrong. What should I do when he wakes during the night now?
I keep finding these amazing baby clothes that I want to add to the site.
I tried dying a gift set but my bathtub leaked and although the discoloration isn't obvious, I can tell that it isn't evenly covered in bright sunlight. I was pretty bummed. But the screen printing was such fun!

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