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Children are so delightful

Friday, November 30, 2007

I thought I would regret it but the truth is I love that I had a second child. It does make your family feel whole. It is worth going through the lack of sleep, loss of freedom, the endless babbling. Ava told me she wanted to hurt Atticus because he was sooo cute. I asked her how she wanted to hurt him and she said "I just want to grab his little cheeks and squeeze them and rub his head and pick him up and squeeeeeeze him."All these peeps are coming out with such cool baby clothes. I am so excited to be in this industry because who better to dress in organic, toxic free clothing. There is a real push for screen printing inks that have no pvc or phthalates in them. Right now there is an ink we are testing but it is like 100 times as expensive. The printing industry here in the US is so assed-backwards and behind. Seriously. Overseas there is availability and R&D $ put behind this but here you can't find anyone using good inks. The only thing to do right now is use waterbased inks but they don't print so well on dark and they don't have one for making transfers...yet. But David from Circles & Squares contacted me and made me realize that other folks do want this as well.

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The weekends

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We've been having fun over the weekends. Walked around the Reed campus for Jim's book and collected sticks, chased squirrels, terrorized students stuck on campus. Jim was a delicious meow. And look at that cool baby in those cool baby clothes. OK, I haven't changed his clothes in 3 days and at the age of 4 months he still has only had THREE baths. OMG

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Buttons, Zippers, Snaps

Friday, November 23, 2007

These notions seemed like minor decisions but I have come to find that they play a huge role in clothing. We selected some binding last year from Cutting Edge to finish off our dresses with. Cutting Edge produces binding for clothing. It leaked in the wash. We found this out after we had already sewn out our dresses. Now I am faced with buying snaps for our onesies, zippers for our baby clothes and buttons for our dresses and suits. I want to do wood and shell. Anyway, notions play a larger part in my pieces than I initially thought they would.
Sleep...can I tell you that one good night of sleep (albeit interrupted sleep) immediately brought about feelings of good will in me. Not just the holidays, I swear. I just didn't feel like a walking bitch fest. I woke up, hugged my dog, my children, my husband and felt, well human.
Atticus is still not sleeping through the night and I know at 4 months he is supposed to. I wonder what I am doing wrong. What should I do when he wakes during the night now?
I keep finding these amazing baby clothes that I want to add to the site.
I tried dying a gift set but my bathtub leaked and although the discoloration isn't obvious, I can tell that it isn't evenly covered in bright sunlight. I was pretty bummed. But the screen printing was such fun!

Volta Coffee is setting up shop in Gville

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I love hooking up with Janet and Anthony when I go to Gainesville Florida (my mom has a small tract house in Alachua which is a stone's throw outside of G'ville. In fact I believe Alachua numbered its streets thinking that eventually G'ville would reach its arms out and gobble Alachua right on up) because I git more educated in that one scant visit than I do all year. There are some people who have breadth and others who are deeply knowledgeable on one subject (but boy do they know their shit.) Anthony has both breadth and depth of any thing he that arouses even a minor interst. Perhaps slightly didactic in his speech, I never fail to walk away knowing way more than I did when I arrived. This time around I learned that there are cuppings behind closed doors between roasters and potential coffee buyers. I also learned that in order to play your own CD's in your own goddamn coffee shop you have to pay the music industry $800 a year in order not to be put out of business like some poor schmuck who ran an independent coffee shop in podunk town found out very quickly. I don't get it....they could be selling their artists' musik instead of fucking with small business owners. They would be way smarter to partner with some streaming music company and sell the coffee house the equipment/software to make it easy to play their damn music and to sell downloads to customers who happened to hear some kick assed melody while they were downing their coffee and decide to download it right there because the software told them what BAND they were listening to and what tract it was and all they had to do was push some button on a screen. Jeez, they could make a killing promoting their music like this. Instead they try to pull a measly $800 from poor coffee slingers.
OK I can go off too.

I also learned what the word Volta means. This is because Janet and Anthony are opening the first and only real coffee house in Gainesville Florida. Volta Coffee will actually sell an eclectic selection of coffee (I also learned what a CloVer is!), tea and chocolate drinks in the entire city. Gainesville is aching for it. They got a serious dearth of good coffee and cool places to hang. I think the only places I found to hang was 2nd Street Bakery, Satchels and maybe the Top. I hate to admit it but I went to a STarbucks one morning because there was nothing else at at all as far as coffee goes.

Plus, Anthony (having been a very good teacher at some point) is just the person to educate all of Gainesville about coffee. Janet is taking on the tea and chocolate and will eventually be serving her most delicious of desserts. And, to top it off, this establishment will house the best indie music collection in all of Gville. I am so excited for them. Also, after visiting them I come away with new music to listen to as they manage to keep up with it. Their decision to not have children means they get to go to all the music festivals and stay out late to hear the good stuff.

This new line of baby clothes is taking me forever. With a new infant, working on baby wit and well, ok, taking a vacation to Florida....giving birth to this baby clothing line...well, I wish I could get a c-sec on this one because I think it is stuck in the birth canal. It hurts because I see all these cool companies launching their organic line and I am having to inch mine out....

I am thinking of wintering in Florida. Did I say that? Mainly because Kelley lives there and visiting with her I realize how much I miss her. My whole heart aches for her company. I also recognize that I am not close to much of anyone here in Portland except my hubby! No good lady friends.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

All I can say is that this is the first vacation in a long while where I am actually able to relax. Ahhhh. Glorious sunny days in Florida. A visit with my dad's side of the family. A walk on a white sanded beach, dinner at an Italian restaurant, dessert next door at an Italian bakery, chit chatting with my mom, making spastic faces with my son, reading another night in suck city and eat, pray, love, languidly philosophizing with Kelley, picking up art at the local art fair, listening to opera whilst trees whirl by....ahhhh.
And nary a thought about work. Every once in awhile someone will ask me what I do and I will say 'I make baby clothes.' I wish this were the truth because more recently it has become 'I code my site out so that we don't fall in google rankings.' Or, 'I fix our broken shopping cart' or 'I deal with customer issues, or I look at finances.' Enough, I don't want to talk about that anymore. I want to talk about how glorious it is to be ALIVE again.