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Tired & Cranky

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My son has been stuffy and my 4 year old with an earache so after being awaken 4 or 5 times in the night my daughter comes in around 5 am.
Sooo, been taking things badly. Was digging and weeding at my neighbors house for a work party (we all trade off houses once a month) and he told me I was one picky finicky demanding woman. I mean I suppose I am. When he asked me what I wanted on my pizza I wrote it out for him. But, here I am shoveling piles of cow manure for him...and he did ask me...
My pizza is mostly vegan as neither I nor my daughter can consume dairy due to allergies and breast feeding. This does make the best cheesless pizza if you have to suffer without the cheese.
Pesto base
No Cheese (or if you cah have goat cheese throw in the feta)
Tomatoes, spinach, olives, basil, tempeh
This article that came out made me sound like I am all into being hip. Hah. I think the people who run that paper made the author change her angle a bit. She was really refreshing to speak to and I told her I thought that the coolest people dress their kids in hand made or recycled clothing from value village when she asked if I thought parents had to dress their kids in hip clothes. I make a living off of selling FUN clothes. Ironic clothes. But, no, I don't think you have to dress your kids in this shit. And as for using your kids as a billboard what exactly are you using your kid for when you dress them in a dora shirt or a disney princess dress or for that matter designer clothing. Fuck.
Then, I am irritated at my dog. He is a good dog but he shit and pissed all over our thick WHITE shag carpet and being in the state I am in I took it outside and tried to hose it off. This is Portland. It rains everyday. I now have a huge whopping mess of a carpet that is too heavy for me to even lift up much less get to a dryer. Any solutions anybody...? I mean besides letting it sit on my back porch in a big wet puddle until next summer.
I bought a pumpkin and we carved the top off. Two days later it was completely molded and the bottom was falling out. This morning I found a rat in it.
Happy thoughts? My daughter loves to entertain her little brother and the smile he gets on his face when he sees her just makes it all worthwhile.
Ava is a little zip zip fairy that flies all over the room. Zip Zip
We are going to do this fashion show on Friday just because I want to see my new line on stage.