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Two weeks overdue

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

and it is over 100 degrees here in Portland and I get some asshole calling on my phone after this exchange. I just about lost it...no wait, I did lose it.
So I get this email:
Contact_Subject: recent purchase
Contact_Message: I recieved my order and was extremely displeased. The ACDC shirt is pink and it is for a boy! Nowhere does it indicate that the shirt had pink lettering. Also, the Kiss shirt is very tiny for a 4T. For the ridiculous amount of money that you charge for these shirts the customer should be satisifed. I do not want the ACDC shirt and I'm not sure what to do about the Kiss shirt. I would like to be contacted by your company immediately so this error can be corrected.

My response was:
Hi Samantha,
We are sad that you were displeased with your order but in the description we do state that the shirt is a girl's shirt. We also provide sizing charts for most of our shirts. We do the best we can do with the web but it IS the web and simply intangible. Feel free to mail back your shirts and let us know if you would prefer an exchange or a refund. Make sure to insure your package and include your invoice number as your RA.

After her email I went in and changed the product TITLE to say GIRLY Tee although I did not change the description which also states it is a girl's tee.

I then got this response:
I am returning the ACDC shirt today and I want a refund. I noticed that it now says "girly t- shirt" on the website. But it did not say that when I ordered it. I know this because number one I am not an idiot (I would not have ordered a shirt for my son if it was written that way) and number two it doesn't say that on my invoice either. I even tried ordering the shirt again and it now comes up as "girly." This is excellent for your NEW customers. I appreciate you getting back to me as soon as you did and the fact that you are willing to refund my money, however I do not appreciate you assuming that I am ignorant. I notice that my invoice is #1026 so that could mean that you are a fairly new company. In the future it would probably be a good idea to be honest with your customers.

I responded:


I went in and changed the title because you complained. I try to make things as clear as possible as it is the Internet and when you complained decided that there maybe some customers who don’t seem to bother to read the product descriptions (or even look at the size charts.) The product description itself did not change a bit. In it you will find the tee listed as a t-shirt for a girl.

I do not appreciate being called a liar. Not in the least.

Perhaps you should consider purchasing exclusively at brick and mortar stores from now on. Then you can piss people off face to face.


OK. I admit I was rude but I couldn't even believe how rude this person was.
Then, some dude named Phil calls to complain about how rude my email was. Who wastes people time like this? Who?! Seriously. I told Samantha to please return her shirts and then got these emails. Anyways, I am sorry but there are just some people there is no pleasing and who really wants them wearing your clothes anyway? Jeez.

But, good thing is his call irritated me so much that it might just cause me to spontaneously go into labor.

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