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No baby!

Friday, July 06, 2007

10 days overdue and just sitting here waiting. Things have been good though. The extra time has allowed me to fix things up on the site, get some stuff on Amazon, start our political shirts and we just got our cool band shirts in!
It is getting hot here. I am going in for some acupuncture today to get things started. We are just so curious about this little creature inside of me. We so want to meet it!
Lots of people have been so kind to me over the past few weeks. I am deeply touched. Mainly because I have not spent much time relationship building because of all the time I spend on Baby Wit and whatever is left over I give to my family. So, I am very much grateful.
Dan Kemper, the Miva expert who has basically built my store, was so kind when my store was broken that it made me cry. He told me that it was all going to be ok and that he would help me fix it at no extra charges. And, this is a time when a lot of people would have taken advantage of the situation.
Tara, Stephani and Bitty threw me a baby shower! I was blown away. Not at all expected. Made me feel so special that these wonderful women thought enough of me to get together to celebrate our second child.
Birch, Uncle Joe, Mark have all taken Ava so Jim and I could have some time before the second child.
Tara even volunteered to put together a meal delivery thing for after the baby comes.
Bitty and Jim are taking Ava while Jim and I are in the hospital.
Tanya, my neighbor across the street dropped off a Dahlia and some music for the baby.
Steve came with me to help me check out the new screen printing press.
Penny gave Ava a Barbie doll along with handmade clothes.
Her husband helped us move the press which took about 3 hours!
I don't know how to thank everyone. It means so much that maybe after having spent 3 years in Portland to know that there are these people surrounding us.

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