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Does speaking up against actions you do not believe in indicate a hatred for your country?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

We keep getting these emails from people who apparently confuse standing up for what the USA proclaims to protect as sacred (democracy, freedom) with a sense of disrespect for my country. Somehow if one says hey, this war is illegal, the way we put away black men in our jails and then have them work (slavery) is illegal, our current administration is incredibly corrupt and yeah, I don't like what the US stands for overseas (destroy, create dependence, slavery under various guises) that somehow you are declaring your hate for your own country.
I admit, that I am teaching my child how to speak up when she sees something she feels is WRONG and if speaking one's mind is disrespectful then yeah, I am disrespecting....but whom? Someone who deserves a shake up, a bit of disrespect.
I would rather my daughter say something disrespectful and perhaps socially unacceptable and out of beat than remain quiet and respectful when someone hits their dog in front of her (yes, she did that,) tells people that they shouldn't buy stuff from Disney cause he mistreats the elves (yes, she did that,) and tells meat eaters that she does not eat animals (yes, she did that too.)
So, go ahead, remain respectful and quiet for a country that is one of the largest consumers of environmental resources, tormentor of 3rd world countries absconding with their resources, polluting overseas rather than at home and running mass sweatshops. A country that rolls out wars to initiate countries into the American sense of ‘democracy”, votes in for a second term an administration whose true God is the almighty dollar/mega corporation and one that cares next to nothing for its poor, hungry and destitute.

I love my country. I just want it to be all that it can be. That's my rant for the month.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I haven't posted in forever but with being pregnant I find it really difficult to sleep so at 4 am while doing maintenance on the store I am finally logging in. My time is being spent developing the new website out myself.
We will see how THAT goes on planned launch date of Mother's Day 007 but felt I had to. My first project manager that came with good references (ok, I didn't check them out when an aquaintence had interviewed with him and gave him the thumbs up) but managed to not hit 12 of his own deadlines and who passed through 2 developers and 3 months of time...finally refunded me my deposit and gave up. I was then about to hire a new project manager who, at the time had his own rogue developer and was super late on the delivery of a project for a friend and who, when I checked in to see when they were going to start my project because I hadn't been contacted yet upon the supposed start date, emailed me curtly that his new developer was still involved in another project, I quickly felt I was entering a bad, bad situation again and felt that I was just going to be in the hands of people who weren't going to make enough $ to make it worth their while because the project mgr (after standing in for a meeting btwn me and his new developer who had all these brilliant ways of doing things) realized suddenly that maybe he didn't really know what the project had entailed and had bid WAY too low (as he had done on the project by my friend) to make it worth his while....so, I, at that point couldn't stand it anymore and took the project into my own hands. I actually was amazed at his bid. My jaw dropped open as it was about 1/3 of all my other bids. So low I was like well now, if you can do it for that you really are a champ. But, also realizing he was majorly screwing his developer (probably why his first developer wouldn't return his phone calls.) I really knew that was the case when he decided he would back out of the project and just take a finder's fee from his developer for passing me on cause he was such a nice guy. I was like, dude good save for yourself. His developer though had the ego of one of those young brilliant programmers who believed he could do anything and thought his project mgr was doing him a favor. HEH. Anyway, I just couldn't stand the delays anymore and the idea of depending upon anyone else for the developement and all future problems with my own site that it actually became more attractive for me to consider doing it myself...so here I am.
This is literally 4 months later. A very very scary proposition because I know a bare amount of html, no php, no javascript, no css. The good thing was that I was able to spend a week while my husband and daughter were out of town on spring break researching exactly how I could get the cart I currently use to do what I needed it to do without too much hassle. I hired another web dude who knew html and css and thought he could figure out Miva (a really nice guy who does good html/css work.) I gave him two weeks with miva trying to work in a cart he didn't understand and when I saw the results I realized that his work had been a waste. Bummer. Square one. Again. This time I realized I better get real and get going or I would pop out this baby before I could finish.
So, I have been insane trying to launch this thing over the past two weeks and doing it myself with the help of a lone consultant and a ton of modules and their support. Heh. Almost there. I am seeing the light. I am I am. I work constantly and see little of anyone.
Also, trying to pull together my organic line has taken the wind out of me. Plus, with my production manager of 3 years moving to SF I have been, well, too busy to write about it but so much to tell! At the end of this month expect to hear much more from me!

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