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No panties No workout

Monday, March 05, 2007

My neighbor lent me "how to talk so your child will listen" to me and at once I felt at home. Made complete sense to me. A cooperative guide on how to work with your kids. Punishment has always been so difficult for me and I am ending up with a little girl who is a bit bossy when playing with others and doesn't listen so well. This guide is exactly what I was looking for. Anyways, Ava and I worked out that she would let me pick out her outfits during the week if I let her wear whatever she wanted to over the weekends. She did a beautiful job. While I was dressing myself she donned a skirt, shirt, socks, sweater and hat to meet a potential new playmate and family. I was quite proud of her. She sort of even matched. We walk out the door and they are waving from the window. I am ready to go work out. She falls to the ground while madly waving at her new friends. I pick her up, legs askew and notice she failed to put any panties on. Oh GOD. She had been sitting in their living room with legs open. Miss the window to work out because we have to go home to get some panties. I asked her to not forget her panties again. That it IS important to wear panties.

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