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Freakishly Large Newborn

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

We are sitting here really wanting to know how old this dude's 7 week old baby is. He wrote in pissed off that a 3-6 mo one piece wasn't fitting his child. This size is supposed to house a child from 7 to 15 lbs. The measurements were right on but he said that there was no way his baby was fitting in this one piece that could fit a 6 month old. We are just dying to know, how LARGE is his child and is his partner ok? Or, maybe he didn't know how to put it on his child? We are truly flummoxed and dying to know what the story is but he refused to let us know the answer to these questions...

  1. Anonymous SANDY METTER said:

    You are so funny. Yes...I would like to know how big this child is too.

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