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Evil bad site

Thursday, March 08, 2007

and I thought theretrobaby was gross with all their backdoor pages and linkpages but someone just emailed me that sand boxc outture does this eveil thing where they put comments on old blog entries with a link to their site tagged 'baby clothes'...
And just last night I was talking to a group of ladies about rankings...
Well, here is one way of doing it albeit a gross way..
do we all need to feed the google spiders this way and have all our sites spit up the same information? Just look at the top ranked titles and the descriptions now for sites. We all have to write the same keyworded crap in order to maintain our rankings. It really is a sad state. And that article on life imitating gaming....I can say it sure does. My husband has been dragged into our SEO stuff as no one was doing it and we were falling fast and it has become as addictive to him as any online game he ever played.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    not really knowning anything about "backdoors pages" and link pages, why is this evil or gross? Just out of curosity, how did you get such good ranking?

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