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Tired of the harassment

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I don't even know what the hell they want! Damn, if they want the coloring book so bad they should go and shell out $ to produce their own. They have all art.
Jim wrote about what happened to me tonight. He was pretty upset that he wasn't there. I am actually glad he wasn't. I think I was most upset because Ava was crying. She kept asking who that mean, mean man was.


Sooo, if you should meet someone and they begin to tell you of all the horrible things people have done to them and how they have been victimized by almost all their friends, mistreated terribly by their family, old coherts, ex-bosses, etc. do not (as I did) wonder how people could be so cruel to someone so wonderful; rather be on your guard! Undoubtedly (as I discovered) there is a reason.

  1. Blogger JMac said:

    I'm upset I wasn't there. I'm picturing you holding Ava (not to mention little sprout in tummy) along with some pathetically selfish guy jabbing you with obscenities, and it makes me sick. How wonderful it must be to have so much free time, you have nothing better to do than to stage a pitiful little riot. I hope you told Ava that they hired him to be the clown for the evening.

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